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99.97% Silica Sand / Quartz Sand 99.97% Silica Sand / Quartz Sand 99.97% Silica Sand / Quartz Sand 99.97% Silica Sand / Quartz Sand 99.97% Silica Sand / Quartz Sand 99.97% Silica Sand / Quartz Sand

99.97% Silica Sand / Quartz Sand

99.97% Silica Sand / Quartz Sand 1. Products brief introduction This Silica sand has very high purity and excellent controllable particle size distribution. silica sand is very widely used in the fields of electronic material industry,coating...
Main Item scrap copper wire, zinc ingots, aluminum ingots
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Silica Brick for Glass Furnace

Silica Brick for Glass Furnace What's Silica Refractory Brick for Glass Kiln Silica bricks for glass furnace refers to the silicon refractory product used in high temperature glass kiln(not contact with the glass liquid), it is a kind of acid...
Main Item Silica Brick, Silica Sand, Unshaped Refractories
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Steam coal Steam coal Steam coal

Steam coal

Specification Indonesia Pure Steam Coal-Specification (ASTM Standard Method) PARAMETER BASIS GUARANTEED Net As Received (NAR/NCV) Kcal/Kg ARB 3800-3600 4000-3800 4800-4600 5000-4800 5500-5300 Gross Caloric Value (GAR/GCV) Kcal/Kg ADB 5500-5300...
Main Item Spices, Bengal Gram , Beaten Rice, Black Gram, Black Eyed Bean, Broken Wheat, Chick Peas (Brown), Chick Peas (Green), Chick Peas (White), Gram Flour, Green Gram, Horse Gram, Puffed Rice, Red Kidney Beans, Red Lentil, Refined Flour, Rice, Split Bengal Gram,
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Glassy High Purity Quartz Lumps

Our high purity lump quartz chemical composition is tested using ICP-MS. These are typical maximum element concentration levels. Actual product levels will generally be 10% lower. In our quartz, the SiO2 level is greater than 99.89% and low...
Main Item Granular Quartz Lumps
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Silica Silica


In this web is offering about silica sand, CV. bangka barat sejahtera, we are startup one of most reputable international silica sand company that represents leading manufacturers and suppliers on an international scale. Being a reliable and...
Main Item Silica Sand, Quartz & Gravel
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Silica Sand

PACKING: Big bags in Containers, Break Bulk available upon request. QUANTITY: BRM is able to supply up to 40.000MT every 30 to 60 days in recurring shipments. CONTRACT PERIOD: 12 (twelve) months with rolls and extensions. TERMS OF DELIVERY: The...
Main Item Manganese Ore
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SiO2 target

Purity Density (g/cm3) Shape & Size 99.9% 2.21 Circular Φ18~30x7~18mm Rine Φ230~350x5~20mm Plate
Main Item Advanced Ceramic, Ceramic Ball, Ceramic Bearing, Ceramic Parts, Plunger Rod, Extrusion Mould, Ceramics Turbine Wheel, Evaporation: Al2O3;Fe2O3;MgO;SiO;SiO2;Ti2O3;Ti3O5;TiO;TiO2;ZnO;ZrO2;AlF3;BaF2;MgF2;Na3AlF6;BN;Si3N4;ZnS
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Foundry Sand

Foundry sand consists of clean, high-quality silica sand bonded to form molds for metal casting. Backed by our experience and latest technology, we are the best manufacturer and supplier of a world-class range of Industrial Foundry Sand in Egypt.
Main Item Industrial Sand, Quartz, Calcium Carbontae
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Fused QUARTZ sand 100-200MESH

Fused quartz sand is colorless, transparent, massive, granular or white powder. It uses Donghai local high purity quartz as raw material, and produces amorphous silica by electro melting (the temperature of electro melting reaches 1800-2000 degrees...
Main Item silica powder , fused silica powder, active silica powder, ultrafine silica powder, silica powder for rubber industry, silica powder for jewelry casting , silica powder for paint and coating, electronic silica powder, silica powder for marble gel, cristobalite
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silica sand

we have available silica sand 70%+ in Mexico ready to be exported buyers can send their target price
United States
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Want to Sell High Grade Natural Raw Quartz Silica

We are introducing a new manufacture of high grade natural raw quartz silica of the Mongolia. We would like to export silica (SiO2 ->98%) in EXW 80$ for 1m/ton, that are white, size are from flour powder up to 1 cm from the Mongolia. We can supply...
Main Item Wireless 4G Mobile Internet Network
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silica micro fume

.Application: Silica fume is widely used in concrete field: High-performance project, such as bridge, airport, hydropowder station, seawall, railway projects. 1)Enhance the mechanical properties of concrete. High strength and early strength has...
Main Item mica, barium sulfate, vermiculite, kaolin, quartz, tourmaline
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fused silica

Sino -SIL Series Fused Silica is made of high purity Chinese crystal Silica by electrically fusing (fusing temperature 1800-2000℃) to amorphous Silicon dioxide, then by alumina ball mill grinding, unique air classifying, screening, magnetic and...
Main Item fused silica, silica powder , fused quartz, fused silica sand
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Main Item Silica
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wholesale price fused silica powder use for refractory binders

Silica Powder Introduction and Description: Silica powder has the advantages of excellent dielectric properties ,Low coefficient of thermal expansion, Complete chemical inertness and Neutral PH ,No chemical changes or induced reactions occur in...
Main Item quartz powder /silica powder/fused silica powder /criatobalite/ silica sand/ quartz sand
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transparent quartz

we sell transparent quartz with size 0-3mm, if you are intersting in it, please let me know. transparent
Main Item halloysite
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We deal with hollow ceramic microsphere products. We serve the oilfield industry. Our products are used in oilfield cementing to decrease the slurry density without increasing the water content. This in turn provides better compressive strength to...
Main Item Ferro Alloys, , graphite electrodes, Rare Earth Oxide
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Multi Minerals Micro Silica is micronized high purity natural crystalline silica. It is inherently bright, white, low in moisture and chemically inert in nature. Due to its hardness, it yields improved durability and burnish resistance. Along with...
Main Item Bentonite
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ferrosilicon ball

Ferrosilicon ball is a innovate product. The purposes is same as the ferrosilicon. It is composed of ferrosilicon powder pressing. The specification also same as the ferrosilicon. SPEC: 65%~75% SIZE: according to your request
Main Item High titanium slag
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